About Us

crotona_brochure_X-SMALLWe created Crotona Park Running Club in 2014 to help Bronx residents achieve or maintain a healthy body weight, and in this way, prevent weight related illnesses and reverse some illnesses like type 2 diabetes.

In addition to regularly scheduled Saturday and Sunday running events, we host a number of other fitness events, including yoga classes.

Our members benefit from real-time SMS running tips and event notices, member discounts from sporting goods stores and other businesses, expert-led workshops, networking and knowledge sharing among members, and a host of other benefits.

We invite you to take advantage of this free service to improve your health and overall quality of life.

Join us today to reduce stress, control weight, strengthen muscles and bones, improve cardiovascular health, reverse type 2 diabetes, and more.



Abiodun Bello
Crotona Park 5K

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